Alyssa Ford

Advanced Diploma of Sports Therapy – ACST

Blyss Therapies founder and resident Sports Therapist Alyssa is an enthusiastic young woman, passionate about helping others achieve holistic health and wellbeing. Alyssa’s vision is to empower, create awareness and inspire others to live their best possible life by looking after their mind and body.
Alyssa has worked as a Sports Therapist with Blyss for 5 years, treating clients from all walks of life. This also includes elite athletes, through working as a game day trainer and massage therapist with the Richmond Football Club for 5 years and more recently Melbourne Storm.
Alyssa prides herself on continuously learning and expanding her knowledge each year to help better service her clients. Recently she has completed a number of courses including;

  • Advanced Dry Needling
  • Mat Work Pilates
  • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
  • Crossfit Level 1
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Outside of work Alyssa lives and breathes health and fitness, enjoying Crossfit, gym, running, Yoga and getting outdoors especially with her adorable Alaskan Malamute Mischa. Practicing what she preaches, Alyssa maintains her body with several treatments per week, cooking and preparing nourishing meals as well as achieving recovery and relaxation through yoga.

Alyssa is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with her clients, helping them to achieve a better quality of life.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live”


Diploma of Remedial Massage – ACFB

Kayla has a strong sporting background playing netball for 10 years and football for 6.

Through exposure at VFL level, this helped inspire Kayla to become a Remedial Massage Therapist. Kayla’s sporting experience has assisted with learning about the importance of fuelling your body with the correct nutrients, recovery and injury prevention. 

Kayla strives to increase the mobility and stability of the body and decrease pain to ensure her clients are moving to their full potential. 

On the weekends you will find Kayla spending time with her family and friends, enjoying water sports at Eildon, exploring nature and getting as much sun as possible. 

“Massage is not just a luxury. It’s a way to a healthier, happier life”

Steve Vickery

Advanced Diploma of Sports Therapy – ACST

Steve joins Blyss Therapies with a broad range of elite sporting experience, including with the North Melbourne Football Club and Montrose Football Club. He has also successfully run a small clinic from home, building strong relationships with a local client base. 
Steve thrives on being able to help others return to what they love doing and being able to function pain free in their everyday lifestyles. As a therapist Steve focuses on the body system as a whole, incorporating his hands on techniques with corrective exercises to improve the health of his clients. Steve is passionate about expanding his knowledge and improving his clinical work where ever possible to deliver the best possible results; where he is currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy). 

Steve’s passions outside of work come from his love for all sports, in particular Basketball, Soccer and Football; where he is a keen Essendon supporter! On top of this, Steve enjoys spending time with friends and family and keeping active wherever possible.

“Sports Therapy is my passion. It’s such a good way to view how the body works through the relationship between stability and mobility. Seeing others improve themselves is what really inspires me.”

April Matthews

April will often be the first face you see at the clinic, our amiable and witty Receptionist. 

April has ballroom danced for over 10 years competing interstate for over 5. 

Prior to joining the Blyss team, she spent several years working in the TV and media industry and also has over 5 years experience in sales. Working across many different facets of business, April has gained a wealth of knowledge in these areas that prove invaluable at Blyss. She prides herself on getting to know every client of Blyss, drawing upon an extensive foundation of interpersonal skills.

April has always had a passion for the way in which we, as humans, can achieve better health and an improved frame of mind by utlising Naturopathy. Naturopathy is a form of complementary medicine, both an art and a science. Utilising scientific evidence as well as traditional evidence in practice. Naturopathy is a whole medical system, encompassing all aspects of a person’s health and wellbeing to provide a holistic approach to treatment.

April has commenced a Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy to pursue this interest. 

On the weekends you will find April at the Pilates studio or spending time with her family, consisting of 2 brothers, 3 sisters and of course her 8 little cute nieces and nephews with her miniature Maltese Poodle Bill. 

“Humans are like plants, we need nutritious food, the perfect amount of water, just the right amount of sun and to be planted in the right enviroment”

Danielle Antonellos

Bachelor of Health Sciences/ Bachelor of Applied Science (OSTEOPATHY)- RMITUNIVERSITY

Bachelor of Health Sciences, DEAKIN UNIVERSITY

Dani joins the Blyss team with a passion for functional fitness and wellness. She is driven to help educate others on the importance of incorporating both recovery and corrective exercises into one’s regime to achieve optimal performance and wellbeing.

Dani has worked as a trainer for 6 years and has coached many clients through their strength, injury rehabilitation or weight loss journey. With a background in competitive fitness modelling and tennis, Dani is well equipped to support her clients achieve their sporting goals.

Her passion to continuously learn and keep up to date with the latest scientific findings and training protocols has led her to complete a number of additional qualifications including;

  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness
  • Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) Level 1 SCC
  • Advanced Periodisation Techniques
  • Boxing Level 1 & 2
  • Kettlebells Level 1 & 2
  • Partner Training Techniques
  • Suspension Training (TRX)
  • Group Outdoor Training

Dani firmly believes in the definition of health from the world health organisation and actively applies this to all elements of her life;

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”



Bachelor of Health Sciences (Human Anatomy & Physiology), La Trobe University

Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Myotherapy), Southern School of Natural therapies


With a background working with elite level Rugby players at the Melbourne Rebels, Mitch is proficient in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation or a wide range of musculoskeletal, neurological and chronic pain conditions.

As a passionate Myotherapist, Mitch strives to provide the best possible care and to assist in his patients gaining control of their health and well-being in order to facilitate physical, social and mental recovery from pain through the use of treatment and rehab exercises.

Mitch’s passion is to provide the best possible care and to assist his patients in gaining control over their health. His aim is to facilitate total physical, social and mental recovery through the use of treatment and rehabilitation exercises.

On the weekends Mitch enjoys miniature and terrain painting for tabletop games, gaming and relaxing with friends and family. Looking after his dog and cat whilst also staying active.




“Enhance recovery, performance and wellbeing”